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Looking for a dental clinic in Vietnam that will vastly improve your oral health? Taking care of your teeth should be the number one on your priority list, & at our centre, we put you first.

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More than trăng tròn years ago, founder Dr bởi Dinh Hung was introduced lớn the American dental standards when he began studying at the University of Texas. During his time in the US, he knew his mission would be “Providing Perfection” in oral care. Taking the lessons he learned in the U.S., Dr Hung brought these international standards in the hopes of taking Vietnam dentistry forward.

In 1994, he mix up the first-ever dental clinic in Ho đưa ra Minh city that followed American Standards. Since the start of his practice, Dr Hung and his team have made it a goal khổng lồ offer world-class dentistry in Vietnam khổng lồ domestic clients as well as clients from all around the world.

In fulfilling our mission statement, we invest in the latest technologies and only use high-quality materials at our clinic. We are constantly learning new techniques to lớn ensure we are always one step ahead. Our state-of-the-art Saigon dental centre & highly qualified doctors aim khổng lồ always perform their services wholeheartedly khổng lồ provide you with a high-quality, và comfortable treatment.

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We have achieved our goal of being the best dentist in Saigon và Ho chi Minh, having served more than 100,000 clients from 49 countries in the world. We have been consistently rated 5-star for the past 8 years on Whatclinic, the most well-known referral trang web for medical tourism.

Since 2018, Dr Hung & Associates Dental Centre has been upgraded to lớn Worldwide Dental và Cosmetic Surgery Hospital. We are the first private hospital & dental clinic in Vietnam that specializes in all 3 departments: oral care, cosmetic surgery, và skin care.

We were approved to lớn become a hospital by the Ministry of Health, with 1208 different procedures in oral, cosmetic surgery, and skincare, including 589 high-tech procedures.



Going above & beyond for our clients is what makes us stand out from other centres. We can assure you will leave your appointment with a smile on your face. Take a look at our wide scope of services below to see how we can best assist you!


We Can Transform Your Smile Into Perfection. Khổng lồ Learn More About Our Services and How We Can Help You, Get In cảm biến With Our Team Today!